Breast Lift (Mastopexy)

In the course of time, factors such as pregnancy, breastfeeding, and gravity lead to sagging of the breasts. As the elasticity of the breast skin is lost, the breast becomes deformed and less firm. With this surgery, the breasts can be lifted and reshaped. In addition, the dark area around the nipple called areola can be reduced if it is excessively big, as well. If the breasts are small, and if they have lost volume after pregnancy, breast implants can be applied during the same session.

Mastopexy will be useful in terms of both the improvement of your external appearance and self-confidence.

Physically and mentally healthy people, who have realistic expectations regarding the possible consequences of the surgery, are suitable candidates for the surgery. It is possible to lift breasts in all sizes.

Women, whose breasts have lost volume and sagged due to some factors such as pregnancy or breastfeeding, may want to have this surgery as soon as possible but those who want to have a child should postpone the surgery decision to a later date. Although this surgery does not affect the breastfeeding function, the results obtained after pregnancy may be adversely affected.


During your first examination, you should definitely discuss with your doctor about your expectations from the surgery. Like each patient, each doctor may have different approaches towards breast shape and size.

A mammography examination may be required before surgery, depending on your age or the characteristic of your family history.

This surgery is done usually under general anesthesia

A mastopexy surgery takes one to three hours. During surgery, the excess skin is removed, the nipple is positioned in the appropriate place, and the dark area around the nipple is reduced to the required extent. In some patients, implants may be required to be applied during surgery.

A special bra is worn over the bandages applied after the surgery. Temporary swelling and bruising may develop on the breasts. Pain at a level that can be eliminated with drugs will last a day or two at most. The sutures are removed within one to two weeks.

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