Who is Prof. Dr. Murat EMIROGLU ?

Dr.Murat Emiroglu was born in Ankara on June 15, 1961. He completed his primary education in 1972 at Ankara Vefik Pasa Primary School, and his Middle and High School in 1979 at Ankara Anatolian High School. In the same year, he enrolled in Hacettepe University Faculty of Medicine. During his medical education, he completed a certain part of the General Surgery Internship Program at the Surgery Department of the University of Ferrara in Italy, headed by Prof.Dr. Ippolito Donnini. He graduated in 1985. He served for a period of one year at Agri State Hospital, to where he was appointed in accordance with the “Compulsory Service Act”.

Aesthetic Procedures

Non-Aesthetic Procedures

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Prof. Dr. Murat Emiroğlu
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