Genital Aesthetic Operations

LABIUM MINUS (Labia Minora)

The function of the labium minus, a part of the female external genital organ (the vulva), is to protect the vagina from external factors. Labium minuses, which are bigger than normal, cause an aesthetically bad appearance. Excessive bigness may cause pain during sexual intercourse, cycling or various sporting activities. Excess tissues can be surgically reduced. In the surgery, the labium minus becomes more aesthetic and symmetrical. Generally no scar remains after surgery, because of the technique used, and the characteristics of the tissues of the genital region. If any, the excess clitoral hood can be removed, and as a result, the sexual pleasure is increased. Surgery can be done under local anesthesia and takes about an hour. Normal sexual activity is allowed within two weeks at the latest.

LABIA MAJUS (Labia Majora)

The fleshy part of the external female genital organ is called the labia majus. This region may become more fleshy than normal due to weight gain, or may lose its normal fullness due to excessive weight loss. The both problems can be corrected with surgery. Excessive bulkiness can be treated with liposuction, and loss of volume can be treated with lipoinjection (fat injection). Surgery can be done under local anesthesia and takes about an hour. Normal sexual activity is allowed within two weeks at the latest.


In some societies, the virginal membrane medically known as the hymen is important mostly in terms of social aspect (proof of virginity) rather than its physiological functions. In fact, it is a remnant from the vaginal growth process. This thin membrane can split during sexual intercourse as well as during horse riding, cycling, doing sports such as gymnastics, or using tampons. In some people, hymen may be congenitally absent.

Hymen repair is a surgical operation done under local anesthesia, which takes about 30 minutes.


The vagina may get larger due to birth, old age or various muscular problems. This situation leads to a decreased sexual desire and sexual attractiveness. In addition, incisions made with intent to facilitate the delivery of the baby may cause bad-looking scars and deformities in the vagina. In some cases, such scars may cause pain during sexual intercourse. Surgeries intended to narrow the vagina and correct the scars or deformities are generally done under local anesthesia and take one to two hours. Normal sexual activity is allowed within three to four weeks after surgery.

Pains and contractions called ‘vaginismus’ at a level that obstructs sexual intercourse may occur in the female external genital organs. This situation is possible to be corrected with Botox injections.

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