Post-Bariatric Surgery (Plastic Surgery After Dramatic Weight Loss)

In cases of excessive weight loss caused by bariatric surgery or any other reasons, the skin and soft tissue loss their elasticity and the support under them diminishes; and consequently, various problems arise. These are;

  • Sagging and deformation in the arms,
  • Flattening and sagging in the breasts,
  • Folds and sagging in the abdomen and back,
  • Droopiness and flattening in the buttocks,
  • Sagging and deformation in the groin and upper leg area.

With plastic surgery after dramatic weight loss, it is possible to correct the sagging and deformed areas. A more aesthetic and natural appearance can be obtained in this way.

Am I a Suitable Candidate for this Surgery?

Before starting this type of surgeries, your weight loss process should have been stopped. If you continue to lose weight after corrective surgeries, development of new sagging and deformities are inevitable. On the other hand, weight gain after such surgeries may lead to other different problems.

Suitable candidates for these operations:

  • Those who have completed the weight-loss process,
  • Those who have no health problem that may affect the wound healing process or the general health status,
  • Non-smokers,
  • Those who have accurate and realistic expectations about the results to be obtained from surgery.
  • Those who will be able to meet the requirements of healthy diet and exercise after surgery, as well.

What are Done in this Kind of Operations?

The primary ones of surgeries that can be done on such people are:

  • Tummy Tuck, bra-line back lift, and pubic lift,
  • Breast lift,
  • Arm Lift,
  • Thigh Lift (lifting the upper part of the leg).

These surgeries are mostly done under general anesthesia. The amount of the incisions to be made varies depending on the amount of the sagging tissue, and the surgical procedure to be determined by the doctor and patient in consultation. Scars are tried to be left in hidden places, and in the creases of the body, where they can be camouflaged. It is not possible to perform all these surgeries in the same session. The patient and the surgeon decide together on the appropriate order of the surgeries.

The abdomen, waist and outer sides of the legs are usually corrected during the same session. This is usually done through an incision in the lower part of the abdomen, which surrounds the entire body like a belt.

The sagging breasts can be corrected with procedures that vary depending on the person. When lifting the breast, it is possible to use the patient’s own tissues or breast implants.

Sagging in the arm is eliminated through incisions made at the inner sides of the arms that face the body.

The obtained results are permanent, as long as there is no weight gain and loss again.

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