Prominent Ear Surgery

Ear surgery is done to correct the deformity, which is publicly known as prominent ear. It can be done in all groups over four years of age.

Children with an ear deformity should be operated before school-age. This is to protect children from possible mocking glances and attitudes of their friends at school.

This surgery can be done under local anesthesia in adults but general anesthesia is preferred in children. Surgery takes about two hours. The surgery is not likely to leave any visible scar since it is done through an incision made at the back of the ear.

A bandage is applied in such a way as to cover the ears as well, for a period of three to five days after surgery; and then a simpler elastic bandage is applied for a period of three weeks. Sutures are removed within seven to ten days. After the third day after the surgery, you can return to your normal daily activities.

Besides prominent ear surgeries, there are also some other procedures intended correcting other deformities in the ear or changing the ear size. It is possible to form a new auricle for people born with no ears (microtia), and for those who have lost their ear from an accident.

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