Filling Materials

With the increasing age, the effects of gravity, exposure to sunlight, and facial movements such as facial expressions, smiling, chewing, and squinting become more noticeable. Subcutaneous tissues that make our face look young and well-rounded begins to melt, and as a result, wrinkles become obvious.

These wrinkles are filled with filling materials such as collagen and fat, in order to gain a more youthful appearance. It is possible to correct wrinkled and collapsed areas of the face by injecting these materials. Lips and cheeks can be made fuller as well, by means of this procedure.

Some deep grooves may be impossible to be eliminated with collagen or fat injection, and such a condition may require a surgical operation.

Corrections made with filling materials are not permanent. In the course of time, these substances are eliminated by the body. The obtained results are not permanent compared to results of a surgery.

When performed by an experienced plastic surgeons, filling materials do not pose any important risk.
There may be some sensations such as a mild burning and tingling for a certain period of time after the application of filling materials. Any redness that may rarely develop at the injection site will disappear within 24 hours at the latest.
Fat to be removed from your own body can be used as a filling material. This procedure is carried out for mostly making the lips and cheeks fuller and eliminating the smiling lines between the cheeks and the nose.

In recent years, filling materials have begun to be used for non-aesthetic purposes, as well. The most important one of them is ‘G-spot’ enhancement procedure carried out to increase the pleasure in women during sexual intercourse. This is a painless, simple process that can be performed within 15 minutes. Feedbacks about favorable results are received from people, to whom this procedure has been applied.

Ellanse is different from other fillers, as it gives the desired beautiful aesthetic result that lasts longer than conventional dermal fillers.The unique advantages of Ellanse are sustained performance, tunable longevity and total bioresorbability.

Ellanse also offers the advantage over other fillers, as it allows immediate correction and sustained performance from one up to four years.

* Currently, there are a great number of fillers in use. There are significant differences between them in terms of quality and price. These materials are also widely used by incompetent people. Even if seen simple, these interventions are quite complex techniques. When the right application is not made with the right filler, important complications (allergic reactions, sores on the skin, asymmetries, etc.) can develop.

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