Chemical Peeling

Chemical peeling is a procedure that involves the elimination of the top layer of the skin with chemical solutions, for making it smoother. It is used to eliminate the spots, colorful lines and wrinkles on the skin. phenol, trichloroacetic acid, and alpha hydroxy acids are used in the peeling process, depending on the requirements of each patient. Chemical peeling can be performed in conjunction with face lifting operation but it is not an alternative to it.

Although chemical peeling procedure is generally carried out for cosmetic purposes, the solutions used can change the scars in the facial skin and can also change the shape while eliminating skin problems, which are likely to become cancerous; so the procedure should be carried out by people who are very competent on all these problems. In recent years, due to underestimation of this procedure, it is practiced by incompetent people in a variety of fields and is presented as the “methods creating miracle”. It should be noted that this procedure poses certain risks.

Alpha hydroxy acids, also known as ‘fruit acids’, are the solutions used in peeling, which have the minimal effect. It is mostly applied for giving a smoother and more vivid appearance to the skins of patients, who cannot allocate time for deeper peelings to be made with phenol or trichloroacetic acids. I can also be used to eliminate fine wrinkles, dry areas on the skin, blemishes, and superficial acne scars. It can be applied for controlling the acne development, as well. A satisfactory result can be achieved by using this solution in different consistencies for a period of several weeks.

If a deeper peeling is needed, trichloroacetic acid is used. Wrinkles, blemishes and discolorations can be eliminated. Compared to the ones performed with phenol, the procedure leads to a shorter recovery period; however, it is for more superficial problems. It application time is 10-15 minutes.

Phenol is the most effective one among the substances used for chemical peeling. Noticeable wrinkles, serious blemishes, and skin problems likely to become cancerous can be eliminated by this procedure. Since phenol may cause permanent discolorations in some people, it is not applicable to everybody.

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