Skin Rejuvenation Treatments

Having a shapely and smooth skin is a prerequisite for physical attractiveness. But with aging, protection of that healthy appearance gets difficult.

The facial skin is the most exposed area to the external factors, especially the aging effect of the sun’s rays. Changes occur on the facial skin also as a result of acnes, various allergies or injuries.

There are a wide variety of non-surgical methods intended for coping with minimal facial disorders. Substances that contain glycolic acid (fruit acid) can be used for rough and dry facial skin. Creams containing vitamin A can be used, with intent to reduce fine lines and eliminate the sunspots. These treatments can be used alone or in conjunction with some procedures such as facelift, dermabrasion or chemical peeling.

Externally applied creams can enable you to feel better and have a smoother skin. However, these creams should not be expected to eliminate acne scars (scars developing due to acnes) and age-related wrinkles, or prevent aging.

Glycolic acid or Retin-A (preparations that contain vitamin A) applications do not require anesthesia.

Retin-A compounds are mostly used for those who have fine lines or sunspots; or with intent to prevent aging effect of the sun’s rays. They can also be applied before the operation, in order to facilitate the penetration of the chemicals into the skin of patients, who will undergo a chemical peeling procedure. Since this application thins the protective layer of the skin, sunscreen lotions should definitely be used in conjunction with this.

For making the skin smoother, slycolic acid (fruit acid) therapies can be applied as well. Skin lightening chemicals can be added to glycolic acid therapies, when required. After treatment, a mild redness and the feeling of burning, stinging, itching etc. on the skin is normal. As the skin adapts the effects of the acid, these problems will disappear in the course of time. Because clycolic acid therapies make the skin more sensitive to the sun’s rays, sun protective creams and lotions should be used throughout the application process.

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