The controlled abrasion of the skin that involves the use of surgical procedures is called dermabrasion. In this procedure, the superficial layers of tissue are abraded with intent to allow for the formation of a newer and more accurate tissue. With dermabrasion, collapses and wrinkles on the surface are eliminated and a smoother surface is obtained.

Dermabrasion is mostly used to eliminate scars left from previous surgeries or accidents, reduce fine facial wrinkles (especially the ones around the mouth), and smooth out acne scars (scars associated with acne). In addition, freckles in the dermabrasion site may disappear.
Dermabrasion can be applied to the entire face, or can be limited to the problematic area. I can also be done in combination with other rejuvenation surgeries.

Dermabrasion procedure can be carried out instead of or in combination with chemical peeling. Generally, dermabrasion is preferred for deeper scars, whereas chemical peeling is preferred for more superficial problems.

Dermabrasion will enable you to have a better external appearance but you should not surmise that the operation will completely eliminate the scars or prevent aging. To know whether your treatment expectations are realistic, you must get a consultation with your doctor.

Procedures such as dermabrasion and chemical peeling are also carried out at some beauty salons by inexperienced people and those who have not adequate knowledge in this field, as a result of the underestimation of their complexity. When performed incorrectly, this operation applied to the most visible part of your body may lead to deep and permanent scar formations, and causes the skin to get darker or remain light colored compared to other regions.

Dermabrasion can be done under local or general anesthesia.

In dermabrasion procedure, the top layer of the skin is abraded by a process similar to grinding. After surgery, a bandage containing various ointments and antiseptics are applied to the face.

The postoperative swelling in the face disappears within a few days. When new skin begins to form on your face, you may have itching that can be eliminated with medications.

The face color may remain pink for a couple of weeks. Returning to your daily activities takes up to two weeks. Protection from the sun is the most important point to be considered in the postoperative period. That protection should continue for at least six months.

Dermabrasion gives very dramatic results but the emergence of the exact results may take a long time.

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