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Prof. Dr. As with many websites, the Murat EMIROGLU website allows visitors to
cookies in order to provide better and more convenient use of the website
This Cookie Policy allows website visitors to define the cookie, cookie
types, cookies and cookie preferences used by
it has been prepared in order to inform about how it can be managed. The Web
closing the cookie usage warning on the site or using the website
if continued, it is considered that cookies have been approved.
If the use of cookies is not approved, the website should not be continued or removed from the browser
cookie preferences need to be changed. In case cookies are not allowed
a number of glitches may occur on the website.
A cookie is a cookie on a computer or mobile device used when visiting a website
or they are small text files that are stored on the network server. In these files; introduction
the IP address that was made, session information, pages accessed, etc. the data is stored. Cookies, name
and it does not include data such as last name, phone number or address. Thanks to cookies
the user's website preferences can be remembered, the session can be kept open or
it can also be presented by drinking according to the user's interest.
The main purposes of using cookies on our Website are listed below:

  • To improve the functionality and performance of the Website through
    to improve the services offered to users,
  • Improve the Website and add new features via the Website
    we offer and offer features according to users' preferences
  • The legal and commercial security of the Website, users and our Company
    to ensure its provision.
    Cookies are stored according to criteria such as their duration and by whom they are placed
    it is divided into different types. The main distinction within the scope of these criteria is as follows:
     Session Cookies/Persistent Cookies: Session cookies are temporary cookies and
    after closing the browser, they are deleted from the device. The use of these cookies
    the main purpose of the user's visit is to ensure that the website is properly
    work to ensure that. Permanent cookies are also available after closing the browser

they remain on the device
until they are deleted by the visitor or expire. The same persistent Cookies our website
visit the device again in case of on the user's device
check whether there is a cookie that is created by our internet site
if there is, then the user is understood to have visited the site previously and
content is determined to be passed in this direction, so that users can better
a service are offered.
*First-Party/Third-Party Cookies: First-party cookies are cookies placed on the device by the visited
website operator. The third
party cookies are cookies that are placed on the device and controlled by people other than the visited website operator
WHICH COOKIES ARE USED? on the website, it uses different types of cookies in accordance with the
Information and Policies on the Protection of Personal Data.
Mandatory Cookies:These are technical cookies that ensure the correct operation of the website and allow you to use the
features. They are included in the session cookie
category. Blocking these cookies results in the inability to use the website features
. The consent of our visitors is not required for the use of mandatory cookies.
Analytical Cookies: the website uses analytical cookies to improve your experience. Analytical cookies describe how our visitors use the website (e.g. which pages they visit, visit time, etc.)
allows us to understand. Thus it can improve the content or change the website design.
Functionality Cookies: When you visit the website again, your language preferences, region selection, etc. allows it to be remembered.
Targeting/Advertising Cookies: the website uses different first-party and third-party cookies for the purpose of targeting and advertising. It is possible to block these cookies by changing the browser settings.

It is possible to personalize or completely block cookies by changing the settings of the browser where cookies are used. Detailed information about the steps that need to be followed for different browsers can be found at the links below.
Google Chrome :
Internet Explorer :
Mozilla Firefox :
direct download :
Safari : 
see the browser's help in other browsers or manage your cookie preferences related to
from the support page can be examined.
PERSONAL DATA Related rights
contact your personal data;
if entry has been processed learning
the collected personal data is processed, to request information in relation to it,
to be used according to the purposes of the processing of personal data collected and their purpose
learning that has not been used,
entry to your personal data is transferred within or outside the country in the third person
know that
is missing or incorrectly processed personal data collected them
ask for it to be corrected,
D to be processed in accordance with the provisions of the KVKK and other relevant laws
despite, in case of elimination of the reasons requiring processing of personal
request deletion or destruction of personal
personal data,
deletion of personal data depending on the request of our Financial Institution, eliminated or
also request to be notified to third parties to be transferred into fixed
the right operand data to be analyzed exclusively through automated systems
don't argue with the emergence of a result against one's self by one,
that has been damaged due to unlawful processing of personal data collected
to offset losses in the event to ask for
Application to us, fill out the form located in the appendix of the text on our website and lighting
you introduce yourself to your request form, which will add to your credentials and attachment
through the channels mentioned below explain by or under the law
to be determined by other means will be made;

Delivery of the request by hand, delivery by notary or by mail;
Address: Bestekar Street No: 76/4 06680 Kavaklidere / Ankara

Electronic transmission of the request;

If the request is accepted or rejected with the explanation of the reason, the answer will be notified to the requester electronically or in writing within 30 days in accordance with the KVKK
If the request contained in the application is accepted, it will be made by us immediately as required
FEE: If the application is answered in writing, up to 10 pages of fee
will not be charged and 1 Turkish Lira transaction fee
may be charged for each page above 10 pages. If the answer to the application is provided in a recording medium such as a CD, flash memory, a fee may be charged in the amount of the cost of the recording medium.

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